Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Confession

"I don’t know why everything is the way it is? I mean it could have been some other way too. And the way it is now, means it had been some other way before. So how do I found what it is going to be next? I tried to think. And I did think. And of all possibilities I found out. So you see my thinking didn’t go in vain. It is very important to think. And I thought so for 7 long years. And the truth did materialize. The Truth was about NOTHING. Absolutely nothing."

“Then I felt that its got to be the other way round. So I decided to choose the other way. I chose the path less trodden, and found that I had got all my answers I sought. But then when I sought to move back to reality, reality hated me. I was something different. I mean I had become different. I had split myself into a dual mind. I was highly indecisive. As always of course. And it was better that way. Two minds shared my workload, and gave me an end result. A result that left me in further dilemma. So well I threw all the decisive work on luck and chance and that's what it's all been about"

“But them Mom said I am not serious. Why always be serious? I mean its pathetic to be serious. Just go in a way, life takes you. You ultimately have to meet a result. I choose to be independent and undecipherable to all who wish to know me. I am queer and I accept it. Many ask me if I am a lunatic, and hence they question my Past."

“And so I do have an answer for them. It is that I prefer to be sometime this and sometime that, I just don’t want to be the same boring one human. So well I prefer to have a past that is multiple choice. Isn’t that swell? "

“Don’t always listen to your mommy and daddy. My daddy asked me that why do I take everything to heart and so seriously? So did my closest friends ask me. You never understand our jokes. Why so un-Funny? Well I answered that not all jokes are funny. And if they got rules created by human minds to abide by for cracking jokes, then I got no mind to follow these rules. So well I used to be ......aam...... so very serious and sober before. But now well it's that I prefer being me. "

“Then they ask me why I don’t smile? Well so I did answer that. I take my brass knuckles out, flatten their nose and laugh it over. Isn’t that very funny now. So I do smile don’t I? "

“So ultimately that well explains me and my little untimely madnesses”



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