Saturday, July 5, 2008

Marijuana Sunrise

~~Marijuana Sunrise~~

When your life takes you on a terror ride
Nothing seems to go on as usual and fine
Drugs and syringes are the only things on your mind
You never know what is gonna happen next
Just pick the syringe and put it on the nerve of your hand........


The prick......the press........the drug as it flows
Thats the burst if pain, before you dream of joy
Your nerves getting frayed as the rage seems to burst
You clutch you hair and let your body drop
The mind is no more what it used to be
Just a shadow of what God is scared to see

You fall in the alley, moaning like a whipped old soul
With the mind flashing all your dreamy roles
It is but a dream and nothing that you look at in awe and stare
The dose pulsating through your weary veins
Soothing the soul as it were caressed by the Sun's first beam

All night long your eye's roll in a wandering stare
And you think of all that others can never dare
The morning isn't all pleasant as it seems
The mind is full of thought and buzzing dreams

Life isn't all about fantasy dreams
Marijuana takes you high and drops you in a fiery dream

And this is all I have to say
The first beam of sun making it's way
And now that's what I call a

..............Ameya Ghag

Thats one of my first compositions ever.......for Sons of Lucifer........a band I intend to devote my drumming skills to after 12th


At Sunday, July 06, 2008 9:02:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool!....drummer!!...luvd d lyrics of d song!....seesly inciting n high!!!!


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