Friday, August 15, 2008

Has Science won it's war?

To consider human mind as a slave to age old rituals and custom's is what I did call a well said statement. For it is perfectly true. Yes man has always followed what his predecessor's have cast upon his mind, and thats what he has always tried to propagate. For example let us consider the Roman Catholic church. By condemning against some of the Church's activities I do not wish to hurt anyone's religious sentiment's or any Faith. These are merely my view's and I do not wish to cast them upon other's against their will.

The RCC has always considered Christiandom as the supreme religion, and tried to establish their supremacy over other Faith's. The Church has always put forth Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the Son of God. The one who has always come to the rescue of his follower's. But when Christ-The Son of God truly walked upon the earth in his mortal form, didn't he forgive and run to the rescue of those who resisted his activities and made him suffer by physical and mental means. Even during his crucifixion, he forgave all those who were against him. And now to talk about other religions and faiths, don't they have their own Messiah's, Prophet's, gods and deities. Why should one particular religion establish its supremacy over all? It just is not fair.

Science if we consider has progressed over time, and is able to perform all those miracles that religious leader's claim that their deities can do. Nearly every trick of magic has been given substantial explanations by Science. And to be specific the sciences of chemistry and physics. But why must science suffer? For ages the RCC has slaughtered scientists, scholars and inventor's for standing up against the orthodox views of religion and taking man towards the brighter future. Galileo, Copernicus, Descartes, Newton, and many more were rebuked by the church and other religious bodies for standing against the so-called God. And now I ask why?

Cant "proved and fair" science and "unbiased and corrupt" God co-exist? Science gave them time and opportunities to consider this proposal. And all this at the cost of mass slaughter and dishonoring of inventors and scientists, who wanted peace and a common brotherhood. But now it's time that science must demolish the very foundations of unbiased Faith's and establish its supremacy over the human race.

Here in no means do I believe in or propagate Satan worship.

..........An Atheist...............aMeya_gHag..........


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