Thursday, August 21, 2008

``Glory Glory Arsenal FC``

What is it about ARSENAL FC, a North London football club that drives me mad when I hear their name? I wonder sometimes, and remember the first time I had heard about the English Premier League. Until 6th standard I never watched television much, except those Scooby Doo cartoons on CN. But then one day, this guy in school tells me about the Carling English Premier League. I started watching the EPL from the season when they were known as the Barclaycard Premier League. It was one of the best things that ever happened in my life. As I flicked through the schedule one Saturday, I decided to watch this one particular match between Arsenal and ManUtd. And thats where my football journey began. Tony Adams was the captain then, and Bergkamp was my god. The fancy footwork of Henry and Bergkamp left me in awe. The Dreamcast jersey, was the first one I ever owned. Dad got it for me with great difficulty, and its still my most prized possesion. It was a gift like no other. With the No.10 and Bergkamp emblazoned on its back, and the Royal Arsenal logo on the front.

Too sing ' The Red and White Army ' arouses a passion about Arsenal FC, like you did never know. When the 65000 voices at the Emirates unite and become one driving force for the Gunner's, Arsenal must win the match. Even the glory of the Merseysider's singing You'll Never Walk Alone, seems to fade out before it. That club is my life, and being a Gooner is the best of all experiences.



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