Monday, April 20, 2009

Body of Lies

Few days back, I saw another movie called “Body of Lies”. The movie was about how American Secret agencies work in Middle East regions and the conditions there. I don’t know what has happened to me, getting sick of my stupidity in wasting time. I wait for weekend to do something interesting and when the weekend arrives I just waste it. I am at my worst when I am not allowed to do what I want. And that’s exactly the reason behind my disinterest in doing anything productive. I am sick of explaining people about what I want from life. Their rigidness and lack of sense has deeply affected the direction of my life. How long can a person keep explaining? Either I am psychologically damaged or they don’t want to understand me. I feel like leaving everything, runaway somewhere but the only reason I stay back is because I care for these people.

There are things that I want to achieve, discover and formulate but the circumstances take me miles away from it. I was meant to be a discoverer but here I am facing the stupid aspects of live. I have learnt a lot of hard lessons from life. It takes more than a person to achieve a name in history. And I have realized that people around me are here to cause more troubles then helping me in reaching the destination. Nevertheless, as long as God is on my side, I can face any trouble.


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