Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The mighty Roman axe at the Bidge.

Soccers gone erratic. Gone are the days when the players played for the people, and not the bucks associated with the sport. With the influx of billionaires investing their fortunes in soccer clubs, we have seen the game getting a new edge. The shady edge of the fickle minded businessmen.

Now to get the point straight, lets consider the fate of Luiz Felipe Scolari. Poor chap! Won a World Cup with Brazil, down in Korea Japan in 2002, and took them to the semis in 2006. Then managed Portugal for a decent spell that saw them reach the quarters of the Euro in Austria- Switzerland.

Then comes in the true turn of the tide. Roman Abramovich. The Russian bastard wooes the gem to West London at the Bridge. A 5-0 victory over manager less Portsmouth to start off with, followed by successive defeats against Liverpool and Arsenal at home, saw his magic wane. A slump in form of the team, and continuous criticism from the fans and Didier Drogba saw the end of his career. Less than 7 months into his spell at London, Scolari is sacked.

Another 18.5 million euros wasted by Roman. 4 managers in 3 years. Pellegrini, Mourinho, Grant and now Scolari.

His bad english and constant pleas of non interference from the owners, just worsened the matters. Hows one supposed to run Chelsea FC?

Wish you luck, Mr Hiddink!


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