Saturday, April 25, 2009


As per the new channels, James Otis has kept few challenges to Indian Govt. to get the Gandhi’s Items.

1. Spread the message of Gandhi to at least 78 countries by conducting a world tour or educational events.

2. Increase the health care for Poor in India.

And what does the Indian Govt. say … We are sovereign country, we don’t’ listen to outsiders!

Common, what’s wrong with go ahead with the deal? This guy just wants to spread the message of Gandhi and so do we. So why are we getting pissed off if someone is demanding the same?

The reasons are simple - we don’t want anyone to question our policies. We don’t want to increase our budget for poor… who cares about poor? There were poor people in India from times immemorial… they have gone through even worse circumstances like slavery … so why do we care about them? Let us call out for all the rich Indians to go out there and purchase the Gandhi’s Items. That’s what we are fit for. And do we have to spread the message of Gandhi in 78 countries when we aren’t spreading his message in our own country?

And this brings back to our age old question… what can the people like you and I do at the point?

But before finding answer to that question, we have to answer few other questions.

Do we really believe in the principles preached by Mahatma Gandhi? Don’t we think our state today is directly due to the Gandhi’s Ideology of doing nothing and protesting peacefully?

Gandhi was a great man… the man of principles. Long back, during my school days I delivered a speech on Independence day – the summary of the speech was something like this.

“Independence to the nation is the greatest event that can occur to the nation. It’s like the birth of a child. And it occurs when the mother undergoes all the pain during those months of carrying the child inside her womb and labor pains she undergoes while delivering the child. This duration has an intense impact on the mindset of mother… it gives rise to the love towards the child. Every moment of pain the mother undergoes carrying the child, her love towards the child increases. It’s this pain that gives birth to the ever longing love towards the child even when the child grows up and hurts her. The question before us is did we undergo any such pain before we gave birth to this nation? We could have undergone that pain if there didn’t exist one man… Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi’s principles were unarguably the most intellectual at that moment but they lacked a vision for creating a great nation. They aimed more at giving birth to a nation but not simulating that love towards the nation. There were about 400 million people in India during the time of Independence and unfortunately, only a minute portion of the people in that 400 million underwent any pain. On one side, I am happy that my forefathers didn’t undergo that pain, but I am deeply concerned that we gave birth to a nation without stimulating love towards that nation deep inside us. On this Independence day- I call out for simulating that love… and for that love… we need to undergo pain. And we will certainly undergo pain when we fight against those corrupts, those criminals, those terrorists, those crooks, those politicians who don’t deserve to be part of our nation. Believe me, it’s painful to fight against our very own brothers and sisters but if we ever aim at “sampoorn swaraj”, we have to fight this battle.”

I don’t know how many students then understood my speech… I don’t know how many people now will understand my words … but the matter of fact remains is that we are an independent nation without love towards nation. We have all those patriotic songs but we never do anything to towards it.

And we finally reach back to our question - do you still believe in principles of Gandhi?

Gandhi got his education in a developed nation, this profound ideology works wonders for a developed nation but for an under-developed nation … the ideology might produce a quick independence but it didn’t prepare the people to deserve independence. All I can say is, one man’s genius left 400 million undeserving people fight among themselves on pity issues.

If you are getting pissed off with my words, let me say you that Mahatma Gandhi himself believed that we are not yet ready for Independence. Look what happened when we got Independence, first we broke off into multiple countries… people were more concerned about who remains upper-class and who remains lower class … people were more concerned towards which religion occupies the governing chair … we drafted a constitution and governance that was more or less similar to British Ideology … we divided states based on languages … we left the poor to remain poor… we adopted so called non-alignment movement which I still fail to understand when we had so good relations with USSR then … we gave the powers in the hands of a dynasty … we came up with reservation system to screw up our education system… we fought within ourselves in the name of religion … we supported the people who want to divide us… we continue to tolerate corrupts at every level of governance, some people even believe they are part of our culture … we became the world’s third largest nation to produce HIV infected people … and we still sing “Saare jahan se acha Hindusutan Hamara”!

Now I know, how pissed off we are reading all the stuff I have written… again the question is what can we do to change the state of our nation …

1. If you are corrupt/criminal/crook/terrorist/communal divider, you don’t deserve to live in this country. You will be killed by one of ‘us’ sooner or later.

2. If your father/mother/sister/brother/son/daughter/friend/relative is corrupt/criminal/crook/ terrorist/communal divider, you have to stop supporting these people and try to change them as soon as possible before one of ‘us’ kills them. It will be painful but it’s needed for the love of nation.

3. If you believe that you want to see a great, disciplined, developed, effective and harmonious nation anytime soon, you have to be one among ‘us’.

So, when will this “us” form?

My guess is very soon… as the education spreads and people find themselves jobless… they will start thinking about whose ass they need to kick for their state. And soon, they will realize that actual cause of their state is the existence of corrupts/criminals/crooks/terrorists/communal dividers - then they would start the historic war of actual Independence of our nation. This is lead to the formation of “us”.


At Tuesday, April 28, 2009 10:40:00 AM , Blogger priya said...

'US', as it suggests, rather implies a Hitler-like approach towards building a more profound nation.
How can u kill your own kin, because they support pilferage? What we need is a change of mindset, which will channelise these very people towards creating what our forefathers envisioned. merely, getting 'pissed off' or 'kicking ass' only reflects the violence, that could've never brought us independence. We need change within change, not eradication of ideologies.

At Tuesday, April 28, 2009 10:40:00 AM , Blogger priya said...

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