Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Letter to Arsenal

Maybe its loyalty, maybe its habit. I don’t know what it is called. Mom calls it addiction, Dad calls it madness, friends call it crap. But I and 3 million people around the world know what it is. It is a equimolar amalgam of what both my parents think. Its Arsenal. I took to supporting this club, 7 years back. It was a weird tryst with Fate.

Yes, I do believe in personifying fate, for I feel it is an unbalanced energy, that manages our life. Many blame my dwindling grades in high school exams on my football addiction, but the truth is Arsenal is what keeps me going.

Madness can be an outcome of thinking, over thinking, and what this leads to is the numbing of your senses. You are left in a state of stupidity, I cant describe it. But then there’s this one thing in life, that never leaves you. It can be anything, and that’s Arsenal FC for me.

Maybe when I took to playing FIFA 02 (not the Korea- Japan WC game), the first team I chose was Arsenal. It was probably the fascination with the logo, but from there it was an un ending journey, that has been the best one ever.

People criticize Arsenal. They think of it as a loser club. But the fact remain, it’s the third best football club behind Liverpool and Man United, in English football history. Its also one of those few clubs, that has a clean fan history and has been most closely associated with what commentators often chose to call ‘the beautiful game’. The true meaning of the beautiful game is much different from what Chelsea fans, and their former manager Jose Mourinho deems it to be. Its not only about the star players on the team or the clubs riches, but about the way the players play the game. The fair play associated with it, and mostly the flow and atmosphere of the games environs. Goal scoring according to me, is a secondary aspect. Every game lost or won, has its own beautiful aspect, both for the victors and the losers alike. And that’s Arsenal.

Arsenal, we love you. Your our religion. Mr Wenger, you imbue into us the love for the game. And thanks for making Arsenal, one of the most beautiful clubs ever.

With all love,

A Gooner.


At Sunday, May 24, 2009 6:13:00 PM , Blogger _Priya Raj_ said...

He is one True Gunner...

At Sunday, May 24, 2009 6:13:00 PM , Blogger _Priya Raj_ said...



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