Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Transit

To confirm the tiding's of the wind let me reassure you friends that I have now shifted my loyalty completely to Manchester United Football Club. The reason for this being their summer transfer window accquisiton of former Leverkusen striker Dimitar Berbatov. To quote too many reasons dilutes the sanctity of any fact and hence I did say that this shift to the Red Devil's is as shocking to me as it is to you.

First and foremost I apologise to all those Gooner's who feel I may have betrayed them. But after the sale of my favorite players like Henry, Patrick Viera, Jose Antonio Reyes, Gilberto Silva and most of all Aliaksandr Hleb I did say that this move was necessary. The Fable of Ashtonbury Grove as they call Arsene Wenger, is no longer a fabled coach for me. Though his strategy has maintained Arsenal in the big four for many seasons but the lack of silver to deck the halls of Emirates Stadium is what irks me the most. To sell Arsenal FC to Uzbeki billionaire and gas tycoon Usmanov shall be but a very wise decision. For until and unless Arsenal doesnt buy some experienced players, their slump in game quality and performance at every level is but evident.

Those are all my reasons...............Cheers!



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