Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meaning of 21st Century Breakdown by GREEN DAY

I love all the messages Billie Joe Armstrong is shooting at us, I'm really glad that Green Day have escalated to these heights where they're making all this meaningful, powerful, and extremely moving music. They are my most favorite band in the whole of time and space and I'm just really happy, well, more than happy with the direction they're headed in. Don't get me wrong, their older albums we fantastic but they were a little empty, lacking real meaning, like, you can really tell that, as a writer and musician, Billie Joe Armstrong has improved a great deal and is able to come up with these sweeping melodies and catchy but still powerful phrases and messages all intertwined in a story we can all relate to. I've been listening to the six songs that have been posted up on Green Day Authority for the past two hours, and I'm just really pleased with what Armstrong is standing up for. I know some of you probably hate the "new" Green Day, but I love it. It goes with everything Armstrong is trying to tell us. I love their older, more punk stuff and I love their new, innovative stuff, but we have to understand that people change, everything changes, and it's just something we have to accept and adapt to-- that is what we do. We all complain about changes, things that make us uncomfortable and insecure-- complaining and ditching Green Day's new style and what not is going to further prove Armstrong's point: that every single one of us sits around, watches the television: watching depressing news about the next epidemic or the latest deaths and you flip the channel and you get a mindless television show or sitcom that gets you living in this false reality that "oh, none of that other stuff effects me" or "oh my god, that's horrible. I'm glad that's not me". We sit there and absorb all this shit and then mope around about how bad the world and we're just sitting there. Now, what Armstrong is saying is that we have to get the fuck off our asses and DO something, to fight for something we really believe in, and be open to change. Even the fucking second rule of thermodynamics states that the world is always leaning towards entropy. The whole universe is constantly changing at every moment and we're sitting here-- in front of our televisions, computers, talking on the phone-- not doing a damn thing about it. We all say, "oh, yeah, I'm going to do my work... tomorrow" and "I'm going to start recycling... if only I could remember". If we want things to change, then why don't we changed them ourselves. Nothing will ever happen if people don't move to do it. This is the message of 21st Century Breakdown. We have to be proactive and break away from our monotonous lifestyles and actually put into action our ideas and dreams. America elected President Obama because they wanted change. Now America is complaining that nothing is happening. Well DUH! nothing is going to fucking happen if Americans don't take the initiative to DO something about. To help Obama make his promises come true. But anyway, I'm ranting a little bit. I think that the American Dream has become something that we all wish for, but has never existed. We have become so stagnant that we're living in our own private lies and I don't know if any of you have realized this, but I certainly have. With homophobia, racism, and sexism-- it just shows that we are afraid of change. We aren't willing to feel uncomfortable for just the short amount of time it takes for humans to adapt. We're living in a 21st Century Breakdown and I REALLY hope, the general public can climb out of the hole we've dug ourselves into.


At Wednesday, May 27, 2009 4:39:00 PM , Blogger _Priya Raj_ said...

Excluding the incessant use of expletives, the write up wud look better.


Green Day have evolved as a band, n so has the world.
Ipso facto, i was reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne's "Working Class Hero", when i heard this one.
Both speak of the lowliness relegated to certain ppl in Soc.

True. Change is what we shud work for, Kill the CANT n say i CAN.


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