Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Facebook integrates with Xbox Live

Facebook has just announced integration with Xbox Live at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles this morning. Now, users can can update their status, post photos, and play games with friends directly within Xbox Live.

In addition, Electronic Arts announced that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 would integrate Facebook Connect on Xbox when it is released this fall, marking the first Facebook Connect integration on a gaming console ever. Now, users can link their Xbox Live GamerTag to their Facebook profile and play Xbox games with Facebook friends through Facebook Connect, as well as easily post screenshots from the game directly to Facebook.

Ever since the Facebook Platform launched two years ago, Facebook has become an increasingly important platform for online game developers. Entirely new companies have been built on the back of the Facebook Platform, like Playfish, Zynga, and SGN, that are creating the next generation of social games.

However, today’s announcement shows Facebook’s potential as a content distribution channel that could actually lead to more viral growth for games on other platforms. Facebook’s Gareth Davis, hired to head up the company’s relationships with the gaming industry, is presumably talking with other platforms about similar integrations that could come soon.

Photo Courtesy- GIZMODO


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