Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Who stays ONLINE? Facebook or MySpace...

When Rupert Murdoch, the owner of New Corporation (Fox News), bought MySpace for $580 million in 2005 it was viewed by many as one of his savviest acquisitions ever. At that time, MySpace was arguably the most successful social networking site on the Web and its financial future was extremely bright. Shortly after the acquisition, a young, upstart college social networking site called Facebook began operations without much fanfare. Back in 2005, MySpace had 14 million monthly users and Facebook was still raising capital. Now, MySpace has 126 million users whereas Facebook’s user base has grown to over 200 million. Facebook continues to expand while MySpace’s growth appears to be stagnant. This led to the dismissal last week of one of MySpace’s co-founders and the appointment of a former Facebook executive as CEO.

Since 2005, MySpace has generated about $1.6 billion in revenues and earned 200 million last year alone. However, it is important to note that a major portion of its operating capital comes from $900 million that Google guarantees every year. That agreement comes up for renewal next year and the likelihood of Google agreeing to the original terms is questionable. This is probably why Murdoch is shaking things up at MySpace. While it is likely that Google will attempt to renegotiate the terms of the original agreement, I seriously doubt that it will severe all financial ties with MySpace. That would be a bad business decision and Google doesn’t make many of those!

While many social networking pundits attribute Facebook’s ongoing success to its connectivity rather than its content, I still contend that “content is king” and social networking sites built around user-generated content are great investment opportunities. After all, status updates, pithy wall comments and photo tagging tend to “get old” quickly after a few months.

While the possible loss of Google’s annual cash infusion will hurt MySpace, I don’t think that MySpace is on its “deathbed” yet and rumors of its demise are premature. The social networking universe is vast and niche networks—not large unfocused ones—will ultimately prosper because of targeted advertising and other business opportunities. That said, I believe there will always be a place for MySpace in the social networking world.

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Good Luck and Good Networking!!!!!!!!!!

5 tips on dealing with CIRCUMSTANCES

There is a winner and loser within every person. Sometimes, no matter how much effort you put in winning, you end up losing and sometimes without even additional effort you end up on a winning note. I believe what differentiates in life is when you have won and when you have lost than what you have won and what you have lost. While my brain ponders over the sentence I have written, let me write few lines about my previous post. I want to thank the people close to my heart for being so supportive and accepting me like always. I promise that I would never let you down.

Alright, back to the discussion, I see that my life is getting directed towards a strange path. Like most of us, even I am victim of circumstances. When the circumstances are favorable, we let it control our life and when circumstances are not in favor, we start complaining about life. So, instead of complaining, I wanted to design a strategy so that I come out of the troubles and be a winner in life. But then, if it was so easy, every Tom Dick and Harry would have been successful in life. That’s when I thought, is there any generic way of dealing with circumstances? And this is what I have found.

1. Ask yourself about all the things you have done wrong which people are not aware of.

2. Nine of ten times, troubles in life are due to getting caught about something you have done in past. Make sure that everyone close to you is aware of your darkest secrets. So, when they come to know about it from others, they won’t leave you.

3. Make sure that you analyze circumstances in life as much scientifically as possible. There are lot many things in life that can be defined using probabilities/numbers. But there will be few critical situations in life where you have to listen to your “heart”. And when you do that, make sure you let people know that you have taken that decision listening to your “heart”.

4. Opening up on discussions is very critical in life. Make sure you communicate what you are to all the people around you including your parents, relatives, friends, etc. At the same time, try to understand their needs. Analyze scientifically about your capabilities in helping and loving them.

5. We all are human beings and there is nothing called “perfection”. It only depends on how you are viewing a person. Therefore, when you find out something wrong in others. Don’t react like that person has betrayed you, help them in coming out of it because everyone needs support during bad times. Relationships are meant for supporting each other.

As of now, this is the best I can think of. And I am making a huge attempt in getting all five of them. Let’s see how far this leads me to!

Physical meaning of orthogonality of wave functions...

During wave spreading at the water surface, the waves are orthogonal, when they doesn't intefere, i.e. when coming from mutally perpendicular directions. For example the electrons of the opposite spin numbers, occupying the very same energy level (orbital) around atom. When these wave functions of these two electrons aren't orhogonal, they coincide and the probaility of one particle is complement of the other one.

Some old grudge....

Thanekars. These people exist for the sole reason of existing. This city is surely well embedded in the history of Maharashtra, right from the times of the Portuguese and Maratha empire. It also saw its glory days in the times of the Peshwa dynasty, and maybe all this cause of this place called Ghodbunder. Going literally by the Marathi translation, Ghod means HORSE and Bunder means PORT. It was a place where the finest breeds of horses from all over the world, were off loaded from ships, and sent to traders all over Maharashtra. Literally, ain't that a refreshing piece of history.

Any Thane-kar reading this will boast about this glory forever. Duh!

*Chop chop chop*

This city is cruel. It gave me the best 8 years of my life, or so do I say. I mean its an amazing place, considering it has grown from a quaint port town, to what can be deemed as a extended arm of the teeming financial metropolis of Mumbai. And the credit for this goes, to the massive out crop of residential projects in this city. Every nook and cranny is being filled with high rise buildings. Are they done with the Rustomjee Builders and Hiranandani Meadows projects yet? If am not wrong, HDIL and Lokhandwala are squeezing in too.

But truly the Yeoor part of the town maybe all quiet and fancy with its pleasant and cool surroundings, but the true heart of the city is the old part of Thane. The part near the station. Brahman Society, Charai, Talaopali, Gaon-devi, Ghantali, Paanchpakhadhi and all. Just love these places. They maybe in the heart of the city, but they truly reflect the beauty and elegance of Thane.

Ah! Let me come to the main point now, enough of a residential guide of Thane. The people in this city. What grudge do they have against me?

Poking my eye in that umbrella shop, whacking with a gourd on my cheek, stepping on my foot, little tot Thanekars pulling the decoratives on my bag * One brat yanked off the Milan badge, as I was talking to Ojas on phone. Disgusting kid. *, pushing-pulling....

Thats what I mean. I have a complaint now. I mean on Sunday, this city is truly cruel. It maybe the shopping weekend, but people would go to any lengths to harm me. I write this entry on my blog, especially for these uncouth shoppers.

They can bloody whack the hell out of you.

Punekars, I owe you this one too. You are famed for your pathetic street mannerisms, and I attest the fact that YOU'LL SUCK at courtesy too. If I were to go to a tekdi for a stroll, one friendly aunty tells me of some girl who was molested there 2 days back. How does that affect me? If I ask for misal paav, all I get is a stupid usal chi bhaaji and Wibs ka bread slices. C'mon do these people really live in a rat hole?

Then coming to the other things, they are the worst shoppers. Yes, really worse than Thane-kars. One back swing, and that aaji's samai in Tulshi baug, landed on my eye. Does hitting youngsters really turn them on?

Mumbaikars, you'll are no less. Let me have no grudges against you, but your trains suck. They juice the life out of anyone.

Anyways, I'm too bored to write further...